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Hydroseeding and Grass Work

Hydroseeding is the most economical way to establish new grass. The cost is only a fraction of the price of sod and it is more diverse because it can be used for all kinds of turf and native grasses and wildflowers. The hydromulch is a slurry mixture made up of
• Grass and or wildflower seeds
• Fertilizer
• Hydromulch- material to help the seed distribute evenly to the area
• Tackifier- a glue-like substance that helps the seed and mulch bond to the soil until the grass or flowers can take root.

This is a low-cost alternative to sod and is commonly used in commercial or other large areas. The seed takes approximately 14-21 days to germinate and filling in completely within about 4-6 weeks.

Click here to learn about how to care for a newly hydro seeded lawn

For those of you who want grass immediately we can also deliver and lay all types of turf grasses.

For a full description of different kinds of seeds/grasses available a good site to visit is www.seedland.com

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